How I’m Saving on School Supplies: Part 2

The Scacchi House: How I'm Saving Money on School Supplies

I had originally intended on updating this every Monday until school started.  Such is life, things changed.  Things changed drastically.  While attempting to enroll our nephew in school, my sister-in-law decided to fly him home.

So here I am, stuck with a bunch of school supplies that I don’t really need.  What’s a girl to do?  I’m very glad that I hadn’t even spent $10.00 on everything yet, so it really wasn’t that big of a deal.  I sorted through everything and made three piles.

The first pile was for things I would keep.  I kept things like the scissors, black pens, pencils, colored pencils, one of the pencil sharpeners, glue, ruler, and the dry erase markers.

The second pile was for everything that I would return.  I returned the markers, one of the pencil sharpeners (we don’t need two), mechanical pencils, and the erasers.  I didn’t see us using any of these things, so back to Target they went.  I got $3.28 back.

The third pile was for the things we just won’t use, but were too good of a deal to return.  I think I will take all of these items to our local elementary school.  There are always children that don’t have any/enough school supplies. This pile consists of the folders with brads, highlighters, pencils, and a pack of red pens.  As a former teacher, I know the importance of the red pen.

So we are back down to just one child.  I did learn a few things about buying school supplies:

  1. I despise Office Max and Staples for their $5 minimum to buy their penny items.
  2. Office Depot doesn’t have a minimum purchase on any of their items.  And if you are super friendly, they will probably let you buy more than the limit too!
  3. No matter how good Wal-Mart’s deals are, I’m still not venturing in.  Saving an extra $.05 is not worth my sanity.
  4. Watch your sale flyers!
  5. Don’t be afraid to return items when you find them cheaper.  Save your receipts!

How did your school supply shopping go this year?



How I’m Saving on School Supplies

The Scacchi House: How I'm Saving Money on School Supplies

Happy Monday!

I mentioned here that our nephew Rylan has come to live with us for the school year.  This is my first experience enrolling a child in public school.  Along with public school comes a long list of school supplies.  Many of the school districts in our area offer a “one-stop-shop” option.  For $50-$80, the school will provide your child all the supplies your child will need for the year.  I personally think this is a rip off.

So, in the attempt to save a few bucks on school supplies, I’ve been watching the sale ads like crazy.  I also made this handy spreadsheet to show you what I’ve found so far.  Oh, and Rylan is going to be in the 4th grade, if you were wondering.

The Scacchi House: Saving on School Supplies

*Mechanical pencils were not on the official school list.  Rylan asked for mechanical pencils, so we compromised and bought one pack along with regular no. 2 pencils.

You see that I still have a few things to buy.  I’m about half way finished and I’ve only spent $8.61.  My goal is to come in under $30.00 for everything.  If you are wondering about a backpack, Tony’s dad offered to pick that up for us, so I didn’t include that in the list.

We don’t do “new school clothes”.  When Rylan needs something, we just pick it up as we go.  I’m not buying into all the hype that kids need an entire new wardrobe to start the school year.

I’m also not going to shy away from returning anything I find less expensive elsewhere.  We still have two weeks until school starts, so I will keep you updated.