Our 100th Post!

This is officially our 100th Post!  I put a lot of time and energy into this blog.  Some days I think of 10 things I want to write about and other times I will go days feeling very uninspired.  I’m okay with that.  At any given time I have about 15 or so posts that I’m working on.

I love hearing from you guys, whether it is here in the comment section or over on Facebook and Twitter.  You are part of the reason I keep going.  The other reason is that I truly enjoy this.  And although our blog doesn’t make much money (the amount is laughable), it is a part of our family.  We will continue to share our adventures with you.

I thought I would share our top 5 most popular posts out of our 100.  They are listed in order.

  1. Our DIY Headband Holder.  This was one of the first projects I posted here.DIY Headband Holder
  2. Food Waste Friday!  I am grouping all of the Food Waste Friday posts into one for this list because they actually held the next 4 slots.FoodWasteFriday
  3. Our Picture of the Day from October 18th, 2012.  This was our first day in Alaska!  I’m sorry for not posting a “Picture of the Day” more often.  I need to make this a priority.Eagle River, Alaska Sun
  4. The DIY Cloth Diaper Pail Liner.  This project was super easy!DIY Cloth Diaper Pail Liner
  5. Last but not least, our Afternoon at the Beach.  Okay, it really wasn’t the beach, but it was equally fun!Playing in the Snow

What would you like to see more of here at The Scacchi House?  What wouldn’t hurt your feelings if it went away?  I value your input!