Reader Q&A: Why Does Food Make Me Feel Horrible?

Why does food make me feel horrible?

I received the following email from reader Brittany E.

I started eating clean about two weeks ago and I have felt great. I haven’t “cheated” other than a peanut nature valley bar due to not having eaten all day and that was about a week ago.

Well yesterday I let myself have a small bowl of red beans and rice and this morning I had one biscuit. Oh my goodness. My body absolutely hates me. Stomach pain, cramps, and even a slight bit of heart burn.

My question for you is did you ever go through this after you started eating better? And if so how did you handle it? I honestly was not having cravings when I ate these things and my sugar addiction is practically broken.

Hope this doesn’t sound crazy!!
Love the blog by the way ūüôā


First off, thank you so much for taking the time to ask a question.  It means so much to hear from readers.

To answer your question, Yes!¬† This still happens to me if I eat something undesirable.¬† I’m guessing that the rice and beans and the biscuit were not homemade.¬† What is probably making you feel that way is the shortening in the biscuits.¬† Shortening does the same thing to me, every time.¬† Here are¬†the ingredients in Crisco straight from their website:



In my opinion, shortening is one of the worst things you could possible put in your body.¬† Unfortunately, that’s what most people use to make their biscuits.¬† My mom also uses butter flavored Crisco in her Judy’s Almost Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies.¬† Sad to say, I won’t touch her cookies anymore.¬† They make me feel HORRIBLE!¬†¬†It’s exactly what you described, stomach cramps, pain, and heartburn.¬† So not worth a cookie.

I’m no doctor, but here’s my theory on why this happens after you start eating clean.¬† When you start eating clean, you are¬†allowing your body to heal.¬† Your body¬†starts to expect only whole, nutrient rich foods.¬† What you feel after eating the biscuit is your body’s way of saying, “What were you thinking?¬† Never again!”¬† Your body doesn’t know how to process this chemical slurry.

Don’t beat yourself up over it.¬† Everyone slips up now and then.¬† Just be prepared for your body’s protest.

If you love red beans and rice and biscuits, it’s okay.¬† If you make these things at home, you can control what goes into them.¬† I’ve made very delicious red beans and rice from scratch that even my husband loves.¬† And we’re from the South, we love our biscuits.¬† When I make them at home, I use whole wheat flour and coconut oil instead of shortening.¬† That’s part of this journey, learning to cook all of your favorite foods in a way that’s better for your body.

You’re on the right track.¬† Being in tune with your body makes a huge difference.¬† Keep up the good work!

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Q&A – How Long is it Daylight in Alaska in October

I had a question come in the other day asking how many hours of daylight we have right now in Anchorage. The answer might surprise you.

I think many people assume that as soon as it gets cold here that our “winter” begins and it instantly stays dark for most of the day. Currently, the sun rises around 9am and sets at 6:15pm. Not what you imagined, huh?

Okay, so our bright sunny days are slightly shorter than they were in Florida, but I haven’t noticed much. I’ve still been getting up sometime between 7 and 8am. Ava still goes to bed around 8:30pm. I’ve been staying up a little later now that I don’t have to get up for work at 5am.

Yes, the days will get shorter as we get deeper into winter. But, before we know it, summer will be here and we will have daylight most of the time.

I’m looking forward to the 24-hour daylight. Do you know what kind of garden I can grow with 24 hours of sunlight? Think: giant vegetables!

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