Feeling a Little Bit of Organization

Last week I got the itch, the itch to organize.  Ava received a bunch of new clothes for her birthday and Christmas, so things had become a little unruly.  It was to the point where I felt like she had a million outfits but she only wore 4 of them because they were the most convenient to get to.  I had to fix that.

Photo by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/perry-moore-photography/

Photo by: SeanLeonardPerry

I pulled out everything and made a few dividers out of a cardboard box, nothing fancy.  I began to fold and sort each item, grouping them together.  She now has a neatly organized space with designated spots for her pants and skirts, shirts, onesies, outfits, pajamas, leggings and tights, and socks.  I also made a home for her hats, gloves, and sweaters.  It’s all so cute now in their own spaces and I can actually find things.

I also somewhat organized Tony’s clothes and some of mine too.  Nothing as elaborate as Ava’s, but everything is a little easier to find.  Our current place is furnished, but it’s lacking enough drawer space for all three of us. Some of our clothes are still in our suitcases.  I makes you realize that you don’t actually wear everything you own.  It will be nice when we get into our house and have room to spread out, but for now, this is working out just fine.

I also sat down and organized my Pinterest.  If you follow me, you probably noticed my hundreds of pins within a few hours.  If you don’t follow me, you should!

I had all of my house ideas on one board.  I decided that it would be a little overwhelming when it actually came time to look for something, so I broke it down by room.  I also took my “Holiday” board and broke it down by each individual holiday or season.  Much better.  My “Food” board has always been a huge mess.  I broke it down by different meals.  So much easier to find that french onion soup recipe when it’s on the “Soup” board and not pinned with 1,000 other food pins.  I feel so much better now.

Do you ever get to that point where you just break down and organize something that’s been bothering you?