Food Waste Friday: Death of Cilantro


After years of wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of food, we are attempting to reduce our food waste. I will post a photo each week of our food waste and I will link up with Food Waste Friday over at The Frugal Girl.

This week was not that great.  I had to throw away almost an entire bunch of cilantro.  It was (mostly) my fault.  Tony put the groceries away and just set the bag of organic cilantro in the fridge on its side.  I didn’t find it for a few days.  By then, it was nasty and slimy on the side that was laying flat.

I normally store my cilantro upright in a glass of water with the plastic bag over the top.  Stored like this, it will last about two weeks.  I made one batch of my favorite avocado buttermilk dressing and attempted to salvage the rest.  Even after cleaning it and storing it correctly, it was wilted and sad-looking the next day.  Oh well, I tried.

I was able to salvage a head of celery that was beginning to go limp and some red cabbage that was left over from a large batch of pot stickers I made.  I put both the celery and the cabbage along with an onion and carrots into a batch of lentil soup.  This was the first time I put cabbage in it.  It was delicious!  I will be adding it from here on out.

I also saved a small container of roasted beets and sweet potatoes that were left over from tacos.  I puréed them and made pasta.  I had the homemade pasta for dinner last night with a homemade alfredo sauce that Tony made.  So good!

How did your week go?


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