Alaska’s Water Park

Last week Tony and I took Ava to the water park here in Anchorage, H2Oasis.  Don’t worry, it’s indoors.  It was nice going from 20 degrees and snow outside to about 75 degrees and swimming pools inside.

The water park has “Toddler Session” weekdays from 11-2 for children 5 and under.  The best part is that it’s only $6 during these sessions and adults are free!  Woo hoo, that’s a first!

She had a blast!  They have a pirate ship play area that has 6 slides.  I wasn’t sure if she was going to like the slides because she gets nervous about the slide at the park, but she loved it.  I think she felt more secure going down the slide with me.


Although the building and pools are heated, it was very different from swimming in Florida.  It was definitely fun and we will be back.  Here’s Ava and her too big swimsuit.  I’m a big dummy and only packed each of us one swimsuit when we moved.  How many swimsuits do you really need in Alaska?  I regret giving away all of my bikinis.

Oh darn.  I guess that means Ava and I both need new swimsuits before we go to Florida this summer.  Yes!  We will be visiting Florida in June!


Have you ever been to an indoor water park?


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