Afternoon at the Beach

Okay, not exactly the beach.

Ava and I went to the park yesterday afternoon.  They don’t plow the parking lot at this park because the baseball fields are not open during the winter.  There is a nice playground and lots of open space.  Although, the playground is lacking a baby swing.

Ava and I took advantage of the wide open space of the unplowed parking lot.  I quickly realized that playing in the snow is much like playing in the sand at the beach, only cold… and I don’t recommend wearing a bikini.  I may not know much about playing in the snow, but I do know how to build a great sandcastle.  We build a snow fort.  Ava is watching a man walk his dog in the distance.


It was actually a relatively warm day at 34 degrees.


We need to find some sand toys.  I might have to bring some back from Florida this summer if I can’t find any here.  Who know, Target already has their swimsuits out.  Maybe we will get sand toys too!

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Ava enjoys a snack of fresh snowballs.


We were finally able to build a snowman.  He’s a very small snowman.  I need to see if anyone offers a “Playing in the Snow 101” class, I could use a few lessons.



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