Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve. It’s been relatively quiet for us this year. Tony was called into work, so Ava and I had the day to ourselves.

Ava and I took a walk to the grocery store with her in the Ergo. It’s about a half mile walk, down past the lake. It was actually very refreshing out in the brisk air.

We picked up a french baguette, organic bananas, and some organic green tea and headed back home. The store was busy with everyone getting their last-minute grocery shopping done. We were in no hurry.

20121224-184359.jpgOn the way home, we found a tree full of these cute little pinecones. I picked a few. Not sure what I will do with them yet, maybe make Christmas ornaments with them for next year.

We also saw a guy on a snowboard on the lake. He had a parasail attached to him, like one they use for kiteboarding (I looked it up, apparently it is called snowkiting). He was cruising around the lake. I definitely want to try that at some point! It makes me want to find boots for my nordic skis (my really awesome Freecycle find) so I can get out and enjoy the snow a bit more.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas Eve, we sure have.



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