Our Living Christmas Tree

It’s finally Christmas around The Scacchi House. We had our first heavy snow storm this evening and we finally found a Christmas tree.

Yes, we live in a state filled with trees. How could it be so difficult? I wanted a living Christmas tree. I wanted a tree in a pot. I really didn’t think a potted tree would be difficult to find, boy was I wrong.

We initially went to Lowe’s, but they only has fresh-cut trees. The sales lady at Lowe’s sent us to Bells Nursery, which is a local place here in Anchorage. No luck again. The only potted trees they had were these floppy looking things. I literally wanted a mini Christmas tree in a pot. I gave up looking when the lady at Bells told me I wouldn’t find anything like that around here.

 We were out shopping today and we decided to stop into Fred Meyer (think: high-end Walmart) after I discovered that the Eagle River Salvation Army has closed down (boo). I walked toward the garden center and guess what they had? They had a 3 foot tall potted Christmas tree. I was like a kid in a candy store. And it was only $19.99!


 The point behind the potted tree is to have a Christmas tree for life. Some families spend $60-$80-$100 every year on a fresh-cut tree, only to put it out to the trash in January. They other option is an artificial tree, but then you miss out on the fresh tree scent and all you’re really getting is a mess of plastic chemicals straight from China (unless you bought yours from Christmas in America, those are actually made here). I want a tree that can grow with Ava.
My plan is to keep the tree potted and bring it indoors year after year. I will replant it in a larger pot when necessary. Eventually, when the tree is too large or heavy to bring in the house, we will plant it in the yard. We will continue to decorate it year after year.

The best part is that I didn’t have to put it in a base or fluff any branches. I brought it home and set it on our table. I purchased two boxes of white lights a few weeks ago when they were on sale at Lowe’s. While unboxing them, I realized they have white wires. They will do for now, but tomorrow they are going back to Lowe’s. Now to figure out a few decorations, since ours are in storage in Florida.

What type of tree do you have? Do you have a living tree too?



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