Food Waste Friday 12/7


After years of wasting what could have fed a small Ethiopian village, we are attempting to reduce our food waste. I will post a photo each week of our food waste and I will link up with Food Waste Friday over at The Frugal Girl.

This week, the only waste I have to report is about 1/3 of that 32 oz container of Nancy’s vanilla yogurt I bought last week 1/2 price. Although I’m disappointed we were not able to finish it, I’m slightly less bummed because I only paid $1.50 for the entire thing.

We typically buy the 6 oz Yoplait containers, which cost anywhere between $.75 and $1.00, depending if they are on sale. Ava usually only eats about 3 oz of yogurt at a time and every time I put it back in the fridge, it seems to be all watery and gross.

So, even though some of the yogurt ended up in the trash, it was still a cost savings for the family. I will just be more diligent about finishing it off next time.

I don’t have a picture of the yogurt, but I can leave you with this, if you missed it on Facebook.  There was a moose in our neighborhood this morning.20121207-185109.jpg


How did you do this week?


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