Unlearning to Double Space

I am in the process of unlearning to double space at the end of a sentence. See. Right there. I have to stop and think about only hitting the space bar once. Supposedly, this is only required when using a typewriter. Since I have never used a typewriter, I’m trying to figure out why I was taught to double space in high school.

Does anyone else still double space, or am I the only one?


3 thoughts on “Unlearning to Double Space

  1. Double space is STILL correct grammar and has nothing to do with typewriters (that’s just an excuse someone came up with). All the grammar checkers (like that used in Word) allow you to change the verification to 1 space, 2 spaces, or not even check if there’s any spaces. The problem is a social problem and maybe a dumbing down of our educational system over the past 20 years or so. Before electronic devices for use in personal communications, everyone double spaced even on the early personal computers of the 80’s. Once the internet took hold and texting started (the first text message was sent 20 years ago), people became lazy and no longer cared about grammar (or spelling for that matter). As long as the meaning reached the other person, that was good enough. The spelling and grammar checkers were turned off. The result is what you see today. I can go on ANY website or blog and quickly find spelling and/or grammar errors. Even websites of large respected companies have this problem because no one is checking. There have been some large embarrassments as a result. This page I am typing on to enter this comment does not even use a spellchecker. How irresponsible is that? This alone encourages mistakes because none of the input is being checked! So it’s up to you, stick by your superior education and ‘I know better’ mindset or just go with the flow of our majority, dumbed down, connected world.

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