How I Saved Over $100 On New Snow Boots

I knew that I would have to buy snow boots once I got to Alaska.  The only pair of boots I brought with me are a pair of tall Uggs.  The Uggs are great at keeping my feet warm, but not so great in the snow.   After a while, they would get all nasty from the snow.  I wanted to prevent that.

We went to REI (it’s an outdoor store) with the expectation of spending over $100 for a new pair of boots.  A good pair of snow boots are going to cost you.  The first place I looked was the women’s clearance rack.  They had about 20 pairs of boots on clearance, but unfortunately, they were all way too big or way too small.  So I looked at the full priced boots.  I picked out three pairs to try on, all ranging in price from $139.00-$159.00.  I liked them, but I was not in love with any of them.

Then I spotted them, on the girl’s clearance rack.  There were two pairs of boots on the girl’s clearance rack that looks big.  It wouldn’t hurt to try them on.  I had Tony grab me a pair and I tried them on.  SCORE!  They fit!  They are a girl’s size 6.  I normally wear a women’s size 8.  The girl’s boots actually fit me better than the other three pairs I tried on.

The best part of all was the price.  These boots were from last season, so they were marked down to $26.99!  I had to have them.  I wouldn’t have initially picked the pastel pink and purple; I probably would have chosen all black.  The color has definitely grown on me.  I love my new Sorel boots.  I love the price even better!

If you have a smaller size foot, don’t be afraid to check out the girl’s section.  You never know what you may find.

Have you found any amazing deals lately?


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