The Alaska Zoo

A zoo?  In Alaska???  Yes, there is a zoo in Alaska.  The Alaska Zoo is located right here in Anchorage.  We wanted to do something fun as a family to celebrate Ava’s 1st Birthday.  I heard from some of the girls at La Leche League that the zoo has story time on Monday and Wednesday.  What a perfect idea!  Ava loves animals.

We picked the perfect day to go to the zoo.  It had snowed all night, so the entire city had a nice white blanket.  The zoo opens at 10:00am and story time starts at 10:30.  We got there right at 10:00.

We walked for a few minutes before story time began.  We found Honest Abe guarding the thermometer.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It was 20 degrees.  A perfect day for the zoo!


Story time was great.  There were 5 other children there and we all gathered in the greenhouse.  The zoo keeper read 3 books.  Each week they choose a different animal at the zoo to read about.  This week we read about river otters.  After she read us the books, she walked us down where the river otters live and told us a little bit about them.  Of course I chatted with one of the other mothers there and learned all sorts of stuff.  Did you know you can go skiing with an infant?  How awesome!

Ava has been all about her daddy since we arrived in Alaska.  She has lots of Ava and Daddy time.  We also made the mistake of bringing her stroller and not her sled.  The sled would have been so much more fun.


Tony found a new best friend.  This Lynx was pacing in front of the gate.  Tony said that he is Moose’s brother (Moose, our cat).  Not likely.


Ava loved watching the black bears.


But our absolute most favorite animal at the zoo was this baby Dall Sheep.  He came right up to us and wouldn’t leave us alone!  So cute and fluffy!  He let Ava pet him.  We were ready to stuff him in the stroller and take him home.


We had a great time at the zoo.  I have a feeling we will be buying annual passes.

Have you taken any fun family trips lately?



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