Knowing When To Bite The Bullet

I did it, I bit the bullet. I finally okayed Tony to order a new computer screen. We bought our computer back in February and not too long after, our wonderful cat, Moose, knocked it off the sofa. A cracked screen on a new computer is like a needle in my heart. A few weeks later, it was kicked off the sofa AGAIN, this time by Tony. Our poor computer.

Me not wanting to spend the money, I decided for the family that we would just live with the cracked screen. Until last week, I hardly noticed the cracks. I’m not really sure what caused it to get worse, but the cracks now have a blue/purple blob glow coming from them. Not good, I’m sure. It was to the point that I couldn’t even read what was on the screen if it was behind blob.20121112-223956.jpg

So there I was, not able to read the screen. I gave Tony the go ahead to find a new screen. He found one on eBay for $58.00 with free shipping. Not too bad.

It finally came in and he was able to install it in 10 minutes.  It’s a little weird seeing the entire screen without having to scroll to read.  The simple things in life.

Have you ever put something off that you shouldn’t have?



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