DIY High Chair Splat Mat

I found a project even easier than the diaper pail liner.  Ava’s new favorite thing to do it toss her food over the edge of her high chair when she is finished/bored/mad or really anytime she feels like it.  If you could only see the mess on the carpet.

I knew I had to make something make cleanup a little bit easier.  Off to the fabric store we went.  I knew that oilcloth would be a good option because:

  1. It would be easy to wipe clean
  2. The edges don’t fray, so this could be a “no-sew” project!

I went to Joann and found the oilcloth.  The Joann closest to the house is very small, so their selection is limited.  There is a larger, “full-size” Joann here in Anchorage, but it’s all the way across town.  Another day.  It turned out that my choices were: brown owl print, old granny floral, or this cute circle pattern on a brown background.  It was $17.99/yard… ouch!  I knew I didn’t need a whole yard, and I had a coupon.  My oilcloth is 54″ wide (on the big rolls next to the home decor fabrics) and I had her cut me 2/3 of a yard.  This was the perfect amount and would actually leave me a little extra that I would trim from the edge.  2/3 of a yard @ $17.99 = $12.00 – 50% coupon = $6.00.  That’s much more my style.


At home, I placed the fabric on the floor where her high chair normally sits to get a feel for the size.  Just as I thought, it was too long. Easily fixed!


I took my scissors (my new “fabric only” scissors) and made a little notch in the oilcloth where I wanted to make the cut.  I then pulled the fabric into a more workable area of the room.


 I turned the fabric upside down to make the cut.  I didn’t have a straight edge, so I folded over the clean edge from the manufacturer that I was going to be cutting off and used it as a guide.


Once cut, I then placed it back under the table where its new home would be.  Perfect fit!


That’s it, you’re finished! It took me about 10 minutes to complete the project and it only cost $6.00 for the fabric.  It’s probably more like $5.00 if you discount the scrap.


I actually have a decent size scrap left over.  I will definitely be saving this for another project.


Don’t you love no-sew projects! Enjoy!


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