Meeting Ana White


Ava and I were delighted to meet Ana White today at the Barnes and Noble here in Anchorage. If you don’t know who Ana is, you should check out her blog. Her site is filled with plans to build your own furniture and things for your home. To top it off, they are FREE! You can find her at

I have built a few things using her plans. My sister Susie and I built a bench that Tony and I used as our guest book at our wedding. My mom and I built one of Ana’s table bases to go with a table top that we got for free at a garage sale. There are so many of her plans that I want to build.

Ana also lives in Alaska, so it was nice that she made two stops in our state on her book tour. She went to Fairbanks and Anchorage, where Ava and I met her. She was extremely nice! It was really great to meet her.

She talked briefly about her book and then answered questions. I asked her about being your own contractor here in Alaska, since her family is currently working on the Momplex. Tony and I are thinking about building a small cottage here, so I was curious. I was pleased to hear that Alaska is a very DIY friendly state.

Ava and I then waited in line to have her sign our copy of her book, The Handbuilt Home. We even got a picture with her (Ava was more interest in Ana than having her picture taken). It’s really great to meet other moms doing what they love. If your interested in her book, you can check it out here!


 Have you built any of Ana’s plans?




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