The Search for a High Chair

One thing that obviously wasn’t going to fit in my suitcase, Ava’s high chair. I knew I would have to buy a new one once we got here. Not new, but new to us.

Oma, Ava, and I went out shopping to find one. Oma and I both have a love of thrift stores and garage sales, so we set out to check out the local shops here in Anchorage.

The first place we stopped was The Salvation Army. I crossed my fingers that they would have any baby stuff. The first thing I spot inside the door was an infant sled. What is an infant sled, you ask? I had no idea they existed either. It’s a baby sized sled that has straps to buckle baby in and a rope to pull her around. FUN! It had no price, but I knew Ava had to have it.

I was getting bummed out because I didn’t see any more baby items. Just as we were about to find out how much the sled was, I spotted them. Two Ikea high chairs, one blue, one red. Perfect! I originally was looking for one of those space-saving high chairs that sit in the dining room chair, but the Ikea high chairs have a very small footprint, so it would work. Again, no price.

We asked the cashier how much. $5 each for the sled and the high chair. That’s right in my budget! Of course then I asked about their discount days. It just happened to be Senior Citizen Day! Yay for bringing Oma, we got an extra 15% off!20121103-183621.jpg

So for $8.50 (no sales tax, remember!), Ava has a new high chair AND a sled. Woo Hoo! Our search didn’t take very long at all.

After I got home, I looked up both of the items to see how much they were new. I found the sled here at Amazon for $23.02! The high chair and the little support pillow that we got with it are right at $30.00 new. I think I made out like a bandit!

Have you found any awesome deals recently?


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