Seward Highway and Turnagain Arm

Yesterday we finally took a drive down part of the Seward Highway. We drove just south of Anchorage and around part of Turnagain Arm. We didn’t go all the way to Girdwood (where the great skiing is) because we had to make it to the Ale House in time for the Gator game. Priorities, ya know! (Shock! They have Gator Football in Alaska!) We drove down just before 10am. We stopped near Potter Marsh to take a few pictures. The Marsh has completely frozen over and the locals have been out ice skating.  If you look really closely, you can see another mountain range in the distance.

Seward Highway

Potter Marsh

The other side of Potter Marsh.

Potter Marsh Seward Highway

Tony waiting in the truck. He’s on baby duty.

Land Rover Freelander

Potter Marsh

I climbed the rocky hill to the railroad tracks that run along the Seward Highway to take these pictures, that was until the police officer came on his loud-speaker and told me to get off the tracks. What can I say? I’m such a rebel. =)

Seward Highway Railroad Tracks




Looking south at Turnagain Arm.20121028-160703.jpg

My wonderful chauffeur for the day!

Tony driving seward highway

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