DIY Baby Maraca Toy

Ava loves musical instruments. Well, anything that makes noise, really. Since we are flying out tonight, I thought I would make her a toy maraca to annoy all the passengers on the plane. =)

I found an old Tylenol bottle. Store brand Tylenol, to be exact.


I washed it out and removed the label. I don’t want to get any crazy looks from people thinking I gave my daughter Tylenol to play with.  This was done easy enough with just soap and water. I also removed the cardboard insert that was in the lid. This will allow for the maximum amount of noise.


I then filled the bottle half way with uncooked rice. The rice will make a soft shaking sound and is not dangerous if she actually got the bottle open.


It would also be neat to use a few different bottles and fill them with different amounts of rice, or even a few with dried beans. This would create different sounds for baby to experience.

I put the cap on the rice. You could also use a little super glue if you are worried about baby removing the cap. My bottle has a childproof cap, so it shouldn’t be an issue.


Since I am short on craft supplies, I wrote Ava’s name on it with a permanent marker. I also added some hearts for good measure.



That’s it! It took me about 10 minutes total and it was free. Most of the best toys are free. It was a hit with Ava.


Have you ever made toys from things around the house?


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