Packing for a Flight

Moving to Alaska is not cheap.  You may have figured out by now that we sold everything except our clothes and a few small items.  It has been very difficult trying to decide what is worth shipping and what has to stay.  My sister is on the receiving end of most of our stuff.  She is a senior in high school and will be going away to college next June.  Perfect timing!

I am taking three suitcases on the airplane with us, fee free!  But, that being said, I need to use every square inch of the suitcases.  I have gone through my wardrobe at least three times to eliminate things.  I gave a lot of my clothes away to my students, the rest will be donated.  I invested in a few Space Bags and my mom donated (read: I made her dump her stuff out of them and give them to me) a few more.

I was able to pack 95% of my wardrobe into one large Space Bag Cube.  This is everything, including my coat.  I apologize for the poor picture quality.  The lighting in our dining room is horrible.  So, I packed it all up and sealed the bag.  Below you can also see one of my $10.36 Goodwill suitcases!20121010-210124.jpg

Next, I vacuumed all of the air out.  This helped a lot as you can see, but it was still a little bulky.20121010-210134.jpg

I then put the Space Bag in the suitcases on its side.  I realized that I needed to make it a little bit more flat.20121010-210141.jpg

After I put the bag on its side, I opened the valve and let the air back in.  I promise this is not counterproductive.  The bag wouldn’t have fit in the suitcase before I removed the air the first time.20121010-210148.jpg

Finally, I removed all of the air from the bag again, pushing down on the bag to form it to the size and shape of the suitcase.20121010-210153.jpg

Take a look at that!  So much better.  And, there is still room in the suitcase to stuff small things around my clothes.  Now I need to tackle Ava’s suitcase.  That will be an adventure in itself.  I am hoping to have enough room in our third suitcase to pack some miscellaneous items and some of Ava’s toys.  Keep in mind, packing this many clothes into one suitcase may make it over weight.  I have no earthly clue how much mine weighs because I sold my scale already.  I’m willing to pay an overweight bag fee.  It will still be cheaper than shipping a few boxes.

Do you have any crafty ways to pack a suitcase?


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