Why I Will Only Buy Used

During our moving sale, I came to a realization. I realized that everything I had bought new I lost a lot of money on. But, everything I had purchased at a thrift store or a yard sale, I was able to make all my money back, and in some cases a lot more!

After discovering this, I decided that it would be stupid of me to ever buy anything new ever again. Well, within reason. I won’t be buying used underwear or used car seats for Ava anytime soon. But all the other things we fill our home with, sign me up!

Perfect example. I bought a Baby Einstein jumper at Goodwill for $10. I was able to get $25 for it. I had so many items just like this.

So, after I realized that Tony flew off to Alaska with all of our large suitcases, I was in a bind. There was no way I could pack all of our worldly possessions into two small suitcases. I priced out footlockers, but I had no intention on paying $30 a piece for them at Lowe’s. On Saturday, I decided I would spend a few hours hitting up all the local thrift stores looking for a few large suitcases. I want to take 3 on the plane with us since I won’t have to pay a baggage fee. (Woo Hoo!) Would you know, the first place I stop I find 2 huge suitcases. I found them at Goodwill in Ocala. And the best part? They were only $10.36 each!

I still needed a third one, so my mom agreed to trade me one of her large ones for 3 pieces of my zebra luggage. I love bartering! I’m a happy lady! Now let’s just see how much stuff I can cram into them.


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