We’re Moving… To Alaska

Yes, you read that correctly. The Scacchi family is moving from Central Florida to Anchorage, Alaska. Why the drastic change? Tony got a job! We have been wanting to move to Alaska since he visited there back in February, but the timing was just not right. Ava was still young and I just wasn’t ready.

We began talking about it again a few months back and we decided that the timing is right! Tony began applying for jobs again, and within a week, he had a job offer. We have been in transition now for about a month. It’s been kind of hush hush because of my job. We wanted to get him up there and secure before I said anything.

This is going to be an exciting adventure for our family. It is going to allow us to raise Ava the way and in the environment we want. Ava and I fly out soon!

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