What Can You Buy For $1?

So what can you buy for $1. Lots of stuff if you go to a thrift store. On Saturday, before I picked Tony up from the airport, my friend Brittany and I hit up some of the good thrift stores in Tampa. I found a picture frame with a really ugly picture of a boat for $1. I really only wanted the frame, not the ugly picture. Digging a little more into the box of frames, I pulled out a digital picture frame! Yes, you read that correctly, a digital picture frame! It even had a really nice dark wood frame. And to sweeten the deal, it was only 99 cents! What! Okay, yes, it was missing the power cord, but for less than a heart attack inducing McDouble, I would take the chance that it didn’t work. I’m still hunting for a 9v AC adaptor to work with it.  I did have a 12v and I tried it and the screen came on but then went back off.  Tony thinks it will work, but it’s getting too much power.  So the hunt for the 9v adaptor continues.

Also on our trip, I found a cute dark wood basket for $1 and another picture frame for another $1. At the Goodwill in Wesley Chapel, I was peaking back in the unloading area and noticed an entire cart of baby equipment. There was a kiddie pool, a walker, and a Baby Einstein jumper. I asked the girl if they were going to be putting those things out. She went over and asked the guy that was near it. He told me that he would have to ask his manager because they normally don’t sell that stuff. WHAT?!?! He came back and said they could sell the jumper because it was in new condition. Then he said $10! $10, seriously! YES!

At the Salvation Army I found Ava two cute dresses for $3 total. One of them is Ralph Lauren and both look brand new! I feel like I can go shopping all day and buy whatever I want at thrift stores and not spend very much at all. Although, this can also be a problem. When we went to Ikea, all I was thinking was how expensive everything was! I love finding little treasures for next to nothing. And now, I have enough frames to get started on my frame wall project.

Have you found any awesome things at thrift stores recently?


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