You CAN Afford to Insure Your Family

While I was pregnant with Ava, Tony and I began researching our insurance options for our family. I had really good insurance through my company that the company paid for as a part of my benefits package. This was really nice while I was pregnant because I didn’t pay for any office visits. I essentially paid my deductible for her birth, which was very reasonable.

Tony had an individual policy just for himself at the time that he had before we met. Since my insurance at work was so good, we looked into adding Tony and the new baby to the insurance. I was totally shocked when they told me it would be $800 a month to add them! That was never going to happen. I had an initial freak out moment because I thought we could never afford insurance for all three of us.  As usual, Tony calmed me down and we began to shop around for individual policies for the whole family.

At my company, if you opt out of the health insurance, they pay you a small amount each paycheck. I knew that this could help pay for whatever policy we ended up going with. It wouldn’t pay for all of it, but anything helps, right? I did some initial research on the internet.  I learned really fast NOT to enter your phone number into any of the health insurance websites because they will all call you 1000 times a day trying to sell you insurance. I wanted to buy insurance, but on my time, not theirs. I found a website that lets you compare different companies and the plans they offer without entering any of your personal information, I was able to get rates by entering basic information like our age and whether we smoked or not (which we don’t!). I knew that we wanted a reasonable co-pay for office visits for both our primary doctor and specialists and free preventative care, which we found!

We were able to find a policy that was affordable and has good coverage. The only thing that this plan doesn’t have is maternity coverage. This isn’t a huge deal since we aren’t planning on having another baby anytime soon. When we are ready, the option to add the coverage is there.  We applied for a policy through United Healthcare.  All of our current doctors take United, including Ava’s pediatrician, which was super important to us. 

After applying, we waited a week before we heard anything back from them.  We got an email stating that our rate was going to be higher than what was quoted since Ava is under a year old and the fact that Tony has had two surgeries within the past 2 years (knee and shoulder).  Again, I went into freak out mode.  The first thought in my mind is that the price will double, triple, or worse.  Again, Tony calmed me down and gave them a call.  The increase was only $32 a month.  Crisis averted!  They sent us an approval letter and our cards came in the mail a few days later.

After months of worrying about this, the process was relatively simple. did not pay me for this, I am just a happy customer.  Have you ever had to buy individual health insurance?  How did you go about doing it?


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