Vintage Inspired Nursery

Before I found out that Ava was a girl, I had already started planning a nursery for both a boy or a girl. Surprisingly enough, picking a theme for a boy was much easier than for a girl. I we were having a boy, his room was going to be a nautical theme. I searched for inspiration for a baby girl’s room, but all of the bedding I looked at was either too babyish or too expensive. There was no way I was paying $600 for crib bedding.

Finally, I remembered a rug that I loved that had the perfect colors for a baby girl’s room. Once we found out that she was a girl, we were all set to start planning her room. I based everything in her room from the colors in the rug. I knew I would never find bedding to match, so my mom volunteered to sew all of Ava’s bedding. I started searching for bedding and before I knew it, I found one that I loved. I wanted to bring my mom back to see it, so I waited to buy it. Big mistake! When we went back, they were sold out, and so were all the stores nearby. I finally found a Joann’s that had almost 10 yards, but it was all the way in Spring Hill. Luckily, they were able to ship it to me! My mom and I spent another few trips trying to find coordinating fabric that I felt was worthy of being paired with the main fabric. My mom worked her magic and we had bedding and a valance. Her furniture is Stanley Young America and we purchased it at White’s Furniture in Summerfield. I love it! It’s solid wood and the crib converts into a toddler bed and then to a full size bed. We should never need to buy Ava furniture again.

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The green chair is a vintage Broyhill.  It was exactly what I was looking for, and it was FREE!  That’s Moose, just chillin’ out!  Her dresser has a changing table on top that we can remove once we are finished with it.  Her wall color is Valspar Lake Country.

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I made the name blocks on the wall.  They are made from scraps left over from her shelf.  I painted them yellow and blue and has my step-mom print out the letters on her Cricut.  That’s the bedding my mom made.  Didn’t she do a super job!

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Tony and I built the shelf/curtain rod that is over the window.  My mom also made the valance and the little pillow on the chair.  The suitcase on the shelf was mine when I was a little girl!

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I made the artwork on the wall.  It’s made out of toilet paper rolls.  I got the idea from Growing Up Creative, which I found on Pinterest!  You can check out my Ava Grace board to see more Ava related inspiration.  It took quite a while to make it.  I started it on the dining room table and just worked a little every night as people brought me toilet paper rolls.  I think my only mistake was that I didn’t paint them before I glued them all together.  I ended up using 1 can of spray primer and 3 cans of yellow spray paint.  I really do love the final result!  And yes, I do know that it kind of looks like a map of the USA.  Totally unintentional.

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I hope you enjoyed the little mini-tour of Ava’s room.  If you want to know where we got something, just leave us a comment.  Are you decorating any rooms in your house?  Have you found any interesting projects on Pinterest that you actually tackled? We would love to hear from you!


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