Tough Guys Do Laundry Too: A Mans-Man Guide to Being a House Husband

I have noticed that more and more guys are becoming stay at home husbands/dads. A lot of this has to do with the economy and a lack of jobs. I have found myself in this situation after a failed business partnership and have figured out ways to make the best of it.

One of the biggest perks to staying home is the fact that we get to save money on child care and I get to see my daughter almost every day! I am a contractor by trade and every so often I get jobs that come in that I am able to do, but my main job is a dad and a husband. Every morning I start my day off by getting Amanda’s coffee made and her lunch set up for the day. If Ava is going to her aunt’s for the day (our babysitter), I get her bags packed and everything ready to go. I have found that this takes about 30 minutes off Amanda’s wake up time and we all know “Happy wife, happy life!”

On days that I have Ava, a lot of my time is spent keeping her occupied and fed but during nap time I get stuff done around the house like laundry, dishes, get dinner started, and other household chores that need to be done. I thought in the beginning that this was no way for a man to live and that I should be providing for my family in a better way. But, we have calculated that in order for it to be worth it, I would need a job bringing about $1600-$2000 a month and right now jobs like that are few and far between! SO, in the mean time I put in about 5-8 job applications a day and hope for the best.

How many of you out there are in the same situation?


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