DIY Headband Holder

As you may know, Ava and I are huge fans of headbands, big flowers and such to go on top of her little baby head. I originally had them wrapped around an old oatmeal container, but her collection has grown significantly. To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. I had to do something.

I decided I would try to hang them in her closet. I dug around in the office/guest room/craft room to see what I could find. I had a bunch of ribbon left from baby shower gifts. I knew there was a reason I kept it! I just had to figure out how to affix it to the wall. Hot glue gun! Then I remembered that I had clothes pins left from Ava’s flower wall hanging project. Jackpot!

So this is how I did it. I attached a clothes pin to the end of the ribbon. Then, I put hot glue on the back of each clothes pin and placed them on the wall where I wanted them, making sure to pull the ribbon as tight as possible. Then, I added hot glue to additional clothespins and clipped them on the ribbon, again, gluing them to the wall. I added about 7 glued clothespins in addition to the original two for the long ribbon. Then I clipped the headbands on. Simple enough!

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I added a second, shorter ribbon just below because I ran out of space on the top. For the flower clips, I glued a clothes pin to the wall and hung a ribbon vertically. I like the idea of separating the flowers from the headbands so that I can mix and match.  And, now that they are nicely displayed in her closet, picking out a headband that matches her outfit is super simple!

This project took about 20 minutes total, including finding the supplies and hanging the headbands. The cost: $0. I already owned all if the supplies. Free is awesome! What kind of simple projects have you been working on?

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