It’s That Time of Year Again

Well, it’s that time of year again: tax time. This year’s tax return was much better than last year’s (where we just got by without owing). We got our direct deposit on Friday morning and already had a plan/budget in place. We really wanted to use our return wisely.

The first thing we did was stash a bunch on it in our savings account and some into Ava’s, which makes me very happy! The next thing in line was a new computer. Our current computer is one that I bought way back in my junior year of college. It’s on its last leg. The mouse button didn’t work very well and you would have to mash it like 3-4 times before it would decide to work. Annoying! Just recently, every time you would open it and wake it up, the screen would be gray and do this weird static flashing thing. So a new computer was in order.  Tony and I have been researching computers for the past few weeks. We decided that we could get a good computer that would suit our needs for around $400. Cheap, I know! So Friday morning, after he and Ava dropped me off at work, they went to Best Buy and bought the laptop we had been looking at. He walked out paying just under $450 after tax and buying antivirus software. The only thing that would have made the deal even sweeter would have been a coupon. Ha!

The other thing we paid for is Tony’s trip to Alaska! Tony will be heading out to Alaska in a little over a week to visit his best friend, John Mark! John Mark is in the Army and is stationed in Anchorage. You are probably wondering why Tony is going alone. We decided that Ava is just too little to battle Alaska’s harsh February weather. But, we have plans! We want to go up sometime in 2013 as a family, in the warmer months for sure!

So that’s what we did with most of our tax return this year. Are you doing anything exciting with yours? Are you even getting one? I would love to hear what exciting or not so exciting things you are doing with yours.


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